Wicked Wednesday #182 — Food and Sex

Even though she had just fucked Rafe, Eliza could not help but feel overwhelmed by the scene at the dinner party. Her boss’s wife was big on creating practically edible stages for these events. Laure had transformed their penthouse into a vintage bál. Everyone was handed a mask for their use if they wanted at the door, and everything was black and gold. Eliza’s mask matched Laure’s, and was framed in black and gold lace. Eliza had been at the company longer than most of the other staff, and knew Laure before she had married her boss. There was special camaraderie between them because of it.

All of the servers wore masks, and even so it was hard not to note that every single one of them was remarkably attractive. Their dark silhouettes, seductively passed around hors d’oeuvres so savory they burst like an orgasm in her mouth. Eliza dipped a piece of artisan bread into a truffle-infused fondue, and offered it to Rafe. He sucked the tips of her fingers into his mouth along with the bread, and the warmth of his mouth ran through her body.

But Eliza felt cold as a woman who was not wearing a mask walked over to her and Rafe. The woman was literally stunning. Her eyes shined and she wore black and gold, but it was clear that she was not one of the servers. There was something about her movement.

“Eliza?” she said tentatively.

Eliza stared at the woman wondering if she knew her, because her face reminded of her of someone she had seen before. Her head cocked to one side, Eliza studied the woman discreetly and then it occurred to her that the woman looked like the legendary film actress Myrna Loy.

“I am Margaux, Laure’s sister.”

“Nice to meet you,” Eliza said, extending her hand to shake Margaux’s. That same hand withdrew slowly from their handshake, and caressed Rafe’s arm slowly. Possessively. “This is my fiancé Rafe Stewart.”

“Nice to meet you,” Laure’s Myrna lookalike sister said to Rafe.

Eliza felt nauseous.

“I am going to go find the bathroom,” Eliza said to Rafe, kissing him lingeringly. They had just had sex, and she still felt close to him and he held her close even after she pulled away from him.

Several attractive silhouettes in black and gold directed her to the bathroom. Inside of the bathroom was dim, lit by black candles and there was black soap. Eliza lingered a bit with the fragrant black soap. She could still taste the combination of truffle fondue and Rafe’s kiss on her lips, and embraced her hunger for sex and food.

When she walked out of the bathroom, the Myrna lookalike was still with Rafe. Rafe smiled at her, and was holding a glass edged in black and gold filled with amber fluid. He sipped it leisurely, Eliza stood next to him and kissed him again. He kissed her this time with more passion than he had the first time. She was not sure if that was because he was into it, or if he was showing off for Margaux.

Dinner was a long leisurely affair. Her boss Martin was obviously happy to let his wife show off, and he looked borderline turned on the more the night went on.

Laure and Margaux sat close together holding hands. Margaux was visiting from Paris, and her accent made Eliza miss Paris. For a moment, she reminded Eliza of a combination of Severine and Sandrine. Even though she wanted to not feel like this, it was hard not to. If Rafe liked Margaux, and he asked her if…They had not talked about being with anyone else since they had gotten back together, but she was not sure how long that would last. And Margaux spoke French and looked like Myrna Loy! She ate food slowly like she was having sex with it, slow and luxuriously.

“She looks like Myrna Loy,” Eliza whispered to Rafe, feeding him more food. Everything he ate was what she fed him. She studied his gaze on Margaux.

“Uncanny isn’t babe? To be in this environment, with a Myrna Loy lookalike?” Rafe turned and looked at her.

Eliza kissed him with all she had, because he was hers. She licked the blood from the bit of rare steak that she had fed him, as she kissed him like a vampire.

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Myrna Loy via wikipedia



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