Masturbation Monday No. 54

Nichy clutched her vintage polka dot dress at the crotch, her fingers pressed into her labia and caressed her clit gently through the material. Her body was so heavy with lust, she could barely move. Walking almost made her come, because the tiniest sensation between her legs aroused her. She pressed her head to the bathroom mirror behind the door, and that coolness shot through her body like a current.

Sloppily she ended up on the bathroom floor, mindless of the cool tiles beneath her skin sending jolts all through her worked up state. She had spent her last few days with not one, but two men…but she was on the bathroom floor relieving herself alone. Unconsciously, her fingers moved like Gavin or Dorian’s had moved over her…there. Her sex felt silkier than any flower, as she caressed the skin before she tried to make herself come. The soft silky skin was not dissimilar to the silkiness of her favorite chocolate, that exploded like silk in her mouth. The part of her tongue where that explosion occurred throbbed now in time with her clit, which she was not ready to address manually.

Dorian was still staying at the hotel from which they left, to bring her back home. She was going to meet him there again. If for nothing else, she wanted to see him when she did not fear that he was going to abduct her as he had and because she simply needed to see him again. Being in bed with him, brought too many memories back to her…

Her finger dragged all the more over her labia, she felt gooey wetness when she inserted her finger inside herself. Her finger was clutched by her inadvertent spasms, and she just left it there for a bit. Gavin had used his fingers like this when he went down on her, and thinking about that made her involuntary spasms even more frequent. She was going to come without really touching herself it seemed. Between her legs was hot and wet, and the coolness of the tiled bathroom floor had disappeared for the most part.

Her phone rang, just as she had started to circle her clit with her dampened finger. Nicky rolled her head back and forth on the floor. She was not getting off of the floor, until she got off. Her hands sticky with her own pre-come, she pulled up her polka dot dress and rubbed her clit hard. She dipped inside herself to lubricate her finger over and over, because it felt best when she did it that way. Damp but not too wet, or she could not grip herself the way she needed to.

She came before she was even ready to, and she bit inside of her lip in the same place that she had bit it before when she came with Gavin, and with Dorian. Nichy got on her knees, where the coolness of the bathroom tiles was evident again and panted. She had come so hard she was out of breath, as she caressed her polka dot dress-covered nipple.

Getting up slowly, so she did not have a head rush, Nichy picked up her phone and subsequently dropped it. She pressed her hand to her head, and her nose was filled with her own fresh come along her fingers…distracting her from the ominous caller…

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polka dot dress photo by f dot leonora


  1. Okay so it’s completely hot and delicious, and I think Nichy needs to feel as much pleasure as possible – especially with all that damn angst. That being said…who’s on the freaking phone?!?! Ack!

  2. Finally I’m reading from my laptop and can comment!
    I got lost for a while when things got too dangerously close to abuse, then I got reeled back in when Dorian snapped back to it. Now, I’m like Kayla. I want to know! 🙂

      1. I know 🙂 And it was well written. Just not something that I was in the right state of mind for…
        But the reason why I didn’t comment mostly was that my phone won’t allow me 🙂

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