Masturbation Monday No. 47

Even the sheets of the bed made Nichy horny. Her shower had been torturous, soaping her nipples and between her legs and avoiding both areas as much as she could. The silk negligee that she borrowed from Ilona almost made her dissolve. She could not cover herself with the sheets, because she was afraid of even that extra sensation.  But avoidance did not help her, in fact, it made things worse. She heard Gavin moving around in the room next to her, and his lips on hers, a recent memory stained her mind. Nichy caressed her breast unconsciously. Touching her breast made between her legs crackle like a fire. Her hand dove there. 

But then she remembered.

She promised Gavin that she would not come without him. Her hand paused between her legs, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Sleep did not even come close to her, until she stopped hearing Gavin move around in the other room. Her hand caressed her upper thigh as her eyelids got heavier, it soothed her and eased some of the ache of desire. 

In her dream, she had an orgasm. It felt like she dipped her fingers in water she was so wet in the dream and the waves licked back on her fingers. But she knew she was dreaming, when she was awake again though she still felt the soft waves touching her fingers.

But they were not waves, it was Gavin.

“Oh Gavin, I thought I was dreaming–it was you…”

She caressed his head, and closed her eyes as he kissed her hand before removing it from her thigh and kissed everything she had avoided in the shower.

“Shhh,” he said against her labia, and she shook from the vibration. “I am stealing this…”

The silk of Ilona’s negligée puddled over her stomach, and she opened her slick thighs even more to him. His kisses soon turned to licks, his tongue stroked her playfully but with determination. Nichy cried out, and bit into the flesh of her upper arm. If Gavin was staling this pleasure from her, then they had to be quiet. 

Easier said than done.

He threw her leg over his shoulder, and moved in to pleasure her in ways she was not sure she had ever been pleasured. She bit the inside of her arm in actuality at one point, when his tongue sweetly invaded her. She moved against him, desperate to embrace the nirvana that she had denied herself earlier thant he was now giving her.

And then he stopped.

“I wanna see you play with yourself Nichy, I want to see where you touch yourself when you want to get off. I am going to make you come with my tongue in those places…”

Nichy’s fingers already reached for her clit, even before he told her why he stopped. But when he told her he wanted her to do it, she paused.

“Go on Nichy, show me your hot spots. Show me where you would touch yourself, if you were going to make yourself come.”

It was dim in the room, but she was too turned on to be coy. Nichy flicked her clit, and circled her labia when she felt herself getting too excited. Just when she was afraid that she was going to make herself come, Gavin licked her fingers and started mimicking them.

Nichy bit the thin skin of her hand, so she did not scream as Gavin made her come. Her hips stopped undulating, and she had not even realized they were until they stopped. He kissed her split, and ran his touch through her pubic hair. She caressed his hair, as he placed kisses all over her lower torso. In the morning she would have bites and love marks all over.

She started to caress her breast when, Gavin pulled her leg over his shoulder again. This time, he kissed her ass. No one had ever kissed her there before, and it felt nice. As his tongue played there, the guttural sounds that vibrated through her body made her come even before he really had explored the area.

He laughed, and knelt between her legs.

“Good night Nichy,”

“Gavin!” she gasped, sitting up straight when he got off of the bed.

“Darling Nichy? You said you did not want to here. Do you want more?”
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mid-1920s nightgowns worn by the brox sisters via wikipedia


  1. I had the same thought as Kayla. Finally we’re getting somewhere! I almost feel the yearning to be filled that Nichy must feel now. Looking forward to next week! 🙂

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