Masturbation Monday No. 51

Nichy’s hand was in a tight fist, when she jerked awake. She settled into the curve of Dorian’s body with ease, her hand still between her legs and
she moved it as if she touched the edge of a hot stove.That was how she got in this position in the first place.

“What do you want cheri?” Dorian had asked her in a saccharine voice, when her hand wandered there the first time.

She had dug her nails into his hand, and bit him as a response. Nonplussed, he walked away from her. Then everything went dark around her, she groaned at first before she realized he had blindfolded her. There was a bit of light, so she could see shapes and that made her feel a little better. Her calmness in this situation frightened her. Maybe it was her stray hope that Dorian would not hurt her…

Her body curved into his, his arm was heavy over her. There was no way for her to move without moving him. His arm around her had nothing to do with closeness or intimacy, and everything to do with making sure that she did not move.

Where was she going to wander to when she did not know where she was and could barely see?

Nichy let her fingertips tap her labia lightly through her clothes. She had not stopped thinking about Gavin. What was he thinking about her, did he think she had had too much and left? Or did he realize there was something sinister? Did he still feel the heavy desire that she did? They had been playing such a sexy game without meaning to. Her fingers tapped even heavier through her clothes as she thought about him, and she bit the inside of her arm. She bit the same spot she had bitten, when Gavin was stealing pleasure from her before they left for the hospital.

But now that arm was bound to the bedpost. She was blindfolded and bound, but relatively calm. The stray hope that Dorian would not hurt her lingered, but her mind did wander to true crime programs she watched. It was always the people you knew…

Dorian shifted suddenly, and she stopped breathing. Being under his heaviness was familiar and strange to her, as he pressed himself to the back of her. His fingers brushed her loose arm, and goosebumps bloomed underneath his touch. Nichy was embarrassed that her hand was still between her legs, as he caressed her wrist. He kissed the back of her neck, and took her hand in his. She squirmed when his fingertips caressed her inadvertently, afraid he could feel the thumping between her legs. The agitated space she had been in with Gavin, came to a head as she struggled on her side with Dorian. If she struggled, she only succeeded in pressing against his erection.

“Nichy, you remember don’t you? You remember when you liked this, when you liked me?”

“I loved you Dorian…”

Nichy bit her lip, as she automatically corrected him. She had loved him very much, but it was not the time to rehash that emotion right now. Dorian let go of her hand, and she squirmed because she missed the heat of his hand on the top of her thighs. His fingers now brushed her tied arm, loosening her. She curled into fetal position, rubbing the tingling that filled her arm.

Saying she had loved him, made him freeze. Nichy felt the frostiness between them.

“I am taking you home Nichy, I don’t know what I thought I was doing forcing you to come here. If you loved me, what am I doing right now? I am taking you home.”

Nichy sat up, her arm warm as the blood flowed through it liberally again. She was excited to go home, but she was afraid that Dorian knew all too well what he had done. Being close to him again, smelling him, having him touch her made everything she had wanted to forget rush like the blood was rushing into her arm again.

Next week is the one year anniversary of Masturbation Monday, read more here!

detail of a goya blindfold via wikipedia


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