Sinful Sunday, Week 228: New York Conference

 A new friend took this picture of me at BDSM Writers Con…which was held in New York City.

 At dinner with an old friend…
Tied up during a session with Bastard Ropes

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  1. ….and now you go and introduce one of my favourite things in the whole wide world into your pics….ROPE!

    Lovely, lovely images, but that last one…yeah, I’m smiling πŸ˜€


  2. These are fantastic!!! You tied up is fascinating and unexpected (loved the tease I saw of this earlier on twitter). Your legs are marvelous, as ever. But the first photo, I’m in love with it. I want it for my own. It shows your love of art and New York and there’s a sensuality to it that’s brilliant. Everything is perfect down to the reflections in the glass. Fabulous, fabulous!

  3. I like all these pics, but the top one I love. Vaguely reminiscent of the car sex scene in Titanic.

  4. I like the first and third ones the best. Obviously your legs are lush, but I like the difference sides of you we see in the others. Also, can I just say, your chest looked *hot* in the Twitter photo earlier in the day. More of that in future Sinful Sunday please!! Xxx

  5. Ohhh rope, how absolutely delicious but the top image is really fabulous, at first it is all about the hands and arms but as you continue to look into it you see the art work and then unknown reflections.


  6. Oh F.Dot…
    The first one is just incredible. I feel like I can feel the warmth of your body as I lean in and breathe in your scent. Or I can visualise your lover doing that.
    To have made a photo that honestly makes me feel like I’m right there – what a gift!
    So perfect
    Bravo x x

  7. I love the first photo! The position of your hands is so provocative, pushes my mind to all sorts of naughty things. πŸ˜‰
    A really great set of photos.

  8. Each one so different and so amazing. That first one makes me think of passion – just like you. The second is your gorgeous legs on a luxurious looking couch. I am imagining you reclined with a cocktail. The third is such a delightful capture of you tied. Awesome. Xx

  9. It was a fabulous kinky time, was it not? Hadn’t gotten to see you all bound as above, because, well, hell, I was busy getting my ass flogged! Too much S&M goodness to take in! Loved sharing it with you this year!

  10. Ohh I like how you captured the reflections of buildings in the 1st shot–and it looks like you had a lot of fun at the conference!

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