Wicked Wednesday #175 — Morning

Polly was too refined to have a full out argument with Oscar that morning. Colin teased her that she looked like a flapper when she walked over to him, to avoid having that argument and especially when Eliza walked in with Rafe.Polly smiled softly at Colin, who remembered her from her goth days and when she had dressed up like little Bo Peep. Colin was the reason why she did not make a fuss about Eliza. There was always going to be a connection between her and Colin, they had imbibed each other’s blood as cocktails–how was it not going to be intense between them? Sometimes she felt like she could feel Colon’s heart beat inside his chest, and she wondered if he could feel hers as well.

But to be fair, Colin was pushing things. There had always been an open door for him usually when she was in a relationship, but with Oscar was the first time that she was trying to just be with him. Colin was giving away art that she had never thought he would give away and acquiring art she could not refuse to be in her life. The preview this morning was some of the most exquisite artwork she had ever acquired. And he would only give it to her so it moved up her status at the auction house.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Oscar look at Eliza. She had to admit that Eliza was gorgeous. The story Oscar told of picking her up in a bar, when she was engaged to the devastatingly attractive man next to her seemed a bit preposterous. Eliza and Rafe were an it couple, Polly had read about them for years in the gossip columns or seen pictures of them attending events. 

Or seen them with Rafe’s sister Fiona, during previews. She never would have guessed in a million years that she and Oscar–that she had been trying to deny her feelings for–would end up in the middle of them. Even her assistant Alice was involved, it seemed incestuous.

But then Oscar’s eyes were on hers. Dark and overpowering.

“You better go to him, no one wants an extra bloody Mary this morning,” Colin said.

Polly stuck out her tongue at him, and he licked his lips.

She turned quickly on her impossibly high heel, and walked over to Oscar.

“I need to be alone with you,” Oscar said, when she walked over to him.

“And pretend I am Eliza?” Polly asked, her arms folded across her sheer blouse and she pulled at her pearl necklace.

“Does it matter?”

Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She hated herself, because it turned her on like hell that he would be with her and think of Eliza. 

“Go to your office, don’t let Alice follow you, and I will be there shortly.”

Oscar had a rough side, and she liked it when he played rough with her.

Polly felt desire tremor through her body, even though she looked completely composed. She almost lost it when she got to her desk. But she did not want to be in a disarray, well not before Oscar put her in one.

She was at her desk, facing the huge windows behind it looking out at the morning that had started so tumultuously and now was calming down. She felt Oscar come down the hall, and her hips shifted as she felt him walk into the room.

He closed the door behind him, before he walked to her and placed his hands on her hips. She closed her eyes and looked out at New York City spread out before her, holding onto her desk like it was New York’s hips.

She did not mind if he was thinking of Eliza because he was with her, and she knew he wanted to be. The same way she did not put her foot down about Colin, even as she knew it pissed Oscar off. Colin was her Eliza. But now she and Oscar chose to be together, they wanted to be together.

When she opened her eyes, the morning sun was high in the sky.

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morning by f dot leonora


  1. The last sentence confused me. When did she close her eyes? Was she knocked unconscious suddenly? (Sorry, it might be my tired and entirely too rough brain that is leading to such thoughts.)

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