Wicked Wednesday #155 — (A Portrait of) Desire

It had been coiled upside of her like a snake, the way Sandrine was encouraged to visualize energy in her kundalini yoga classes. But no amount of focus given between her eyes in class, had released the energy that she felt when she started back up with Rafe.Rafe had been her first love, and she hated when people blathered on about a first love they could not get past, even after they were married like she was. Married, and had a very if not more than stable life with their family. But going to see Rafe by herself, which she had known was something she should not have done…it had caused everything inside of her to uncoil. 

Now she sat at a Paris cafe, sexting him. He was asking her to do things that he knew she had loved to do for him before.

Show me cleavage.

And she did. She had worn a form-fitting dress that outlined all of her curves, and gave him cleavage. And since guys did dick pics, she gave him a very lovely pussy pic. She slipped her phone between her knees, and since she was not wearing underwear…Sandrine had chosen not to wear underwear so she could do something like this. 

Rafe rewarded her with full evidence of his desire: a dick pic that was memorized in her mind because she knew his that well. There was not a part of her body that had not come into contact with his, or for that mater there was not really a part of her body that his come had not graced.

Seeing him on her phone made Sandrine excited, she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Asking her neighbor to mind her table, she got up and walked to the bathroom. She knew from his unhidden desire that he would keep her table for her, fight someone who tried to take it.

It was a tiny bathroom, but nonetheless enough for her to do what she needed to do. She pulled her full breasts out of her dress, pulled up the bottom of it and pressed her own bottom to the cool white marble sink. Her fingertips caressed her hardened nipples. Sandrine let her fingers meander over the stretchy fabric of the dress at her solar plexus and caress her navel, before finally caressing her stiff clitoris which was almost too sensitive to touch. But she did, and it quickly responded the way that she needed it to. Sandrine was turned away from the mirror, but she turned quickly to see her flushed face and turned back around to raise her phone over her head and take her portrait for Rafe. The sudden motion made her come, and she took the picture as her eyes closed in grimaced ecstasy. She quickly pulled her dress down, pushed her breasts back into her dress and turned around to look at herself before freshening up a bit. When she returned to her table, her in the mood for neighbor smiled and asked her if she was okay.

Ca va tres bien!” Sandrine smiled, as her phone vibrated in her hand. She had just sent Rafe her picture, and she wanted him to savor her portrait of desire for a little bit…

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paris cafe photo by f dot leonora



  1. The image of a stiff clitoris too sensitive to touch is a true delight. I loved the whole piece but that stiff clit continues to swell in my mind. Thank you.

  2. This is wonderful! I adore that she took her pic just as she came, flustered, in the grips of desire, catching herself in the act almost….it just adds so much to the eroticism.

    Very well written my friend xx

  3. A very sexy selfie, indeed. I can just see the flush of her face…and the image of her catching her own photo right at the height of an orgasm is too perfect. Rafe, I’m sure, would have been pleased. How could he not be?

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