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Sinful Sunday, Week 246: The Perfect Gift

This was given to me by my friend and TIE ME UP author, Del Carmen. I think it was the perfect gift!!!

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Sinful Sunday, Week 224: Wesselmann (Lips)


ring pop courtesy of Kate Allure. candid photos taken by my friend Del Carmen, who wrote this red hot TIE ME UP excerpt.


Tom Wesselmann via pinterest

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Discussing The Joy of Anthologies with Kate Hill Today!!!

Last week, Del Carmen featured an excerpt from Tie Me Up on Kate Hill’s blog. Today, I am Kate’s guest! I am talking about the joy of anthologies–go over and see my post

Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Excerpt No. 8

I promise to keep you tied up before and after TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books! “Collared and Cuffed” by my friend and sexy author Del Carmen, should keep you tied up for a bit! The full story will be in the anthology on April 6!

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It was a full body kiss.  His mouth covered hers.  Their tongues mated.  Hungry. Insatiable. His hands cupped her ass and lifted her up towards his hard dick.  She rocked against his hardness while his tongue moved in and out of her mouth. 

They came up for air.  He rubbed his nose against her cheek breathing in her scent, vanilla and spices.  She caressed his cheek with hers loving the roughness of his five o’clock shadow on her skin.

“What other toys did you get?”  He pressed a kiss on her shoulder.

She invited him to take a look, and Rey emptied the bags on the table.

He snorted behind her.  He was holding up a box with an edible bikini.

“That is for you.”  The shocked look on his face was priceless.  This time she was the one laughing.

“Now this,” he stressed, “is more my style.”  He examined the nipple clamps, blindfold, feather tickler and handcuffs.  He shook the box that read Fifty Shades of Grey Kit.

Ivette shook her head and said, 
“Don’t ask.”

“Take your pick.”  Rey requested.

She had laughed with the girls when they had spread the items before here, but here and now in front of her lover, disturbing and delicious thoughts were running through her mind.

“What makes you think they are to use on me?”

He looked perplexed at her question, then intrigued.

 “Are you game, lover?”  She teased.

“Be gentle with me.”  
He smiled as he handed her the handcuffs.

She twirled them on her fingers, her eyes running over his body.

“You could tie me to one on the posts on the bed,” he volunteered.

“Or I can tie you to one of the posts on the kitchen chair,” she countered.

He looked bemused.

“I could ride you better,” she explained.

“I am all for that,” he exclaimed.

They laughed and adjusted the handcuffs to fit his wrists.  The click of the cuffs was loud in the kitchen.  They stared at one another.  

Their roles were reversed.  Not that she was shy in bed, but they’d never tried anything this racy before. 

BDSM lite for them…for now.

“First time for everything,” Rey said, reading her thoughts.  “Now hurry up and have your wicked way with me, woman!”

This was fun, she thought.  On a whim, she grabbed Biggs’ collar off the counter.  
It fit Rey just fine.  


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