Bits and Pieces of Lady Crush Modesty Ablaze!!!

I am not even going to hide my lady crush on Modesty Ablaze, not even going to try to! Literally I believe that she sets modesty ablaze! Aside from her breathtaking Scavenger Hunt and Sinful Sunday photos, she created the Polaroids Past meme, which I have participated in a few times. Modesty is a Make Love Not Porn star as well! Even though she will try to convince you she is not a writer, she has published several diaries of her sexy exploits.
Even though I am in awe of all she has done, it was the conversation that I had with her for this profile that made me crush on her. She is warm, honest and eloquent. She was a little nervous when we started–I did not tell her I was a little nervous too! But we were tres comfortable within minutes via Skype, and connected on a lot of levels.
I have not done a Bits and Pieces post for a long time. Bits and Pieces is just that, capturing bits and pieces of my amazing subjects unplugged. Here are little bits of Modesty for you, like lovely bonbons to sweeten your life.

I don’t consider myself a writer, I had to psych myself up. One of my lovers said that I should do that (write) and I had a bit of a challenge. I used to write little excerpts of when I had been out and about. So I pieced together pieces that I had written for my husband. ..

You know that thing when you were at school and you were too scared to come up with the answer so that you would not be laughed at, and somebody would say blah blah blah and they would steal your thunder?

Everyone works differently, my husband is a techie. I like pen and paper, good old pen paper…

It comes down to the the fun element, what sounds interesting and brings silliness and fun. I was very shy as a little girl, but I did like to have fun. When I was clowning about, I wasn’t really being myself. I was curious, I think I was a bit out there.

What I would like to say about the Scavenger Hunts really is that…again it’s just really all about having a bit of fun and seizing the moment. Did you see my “Pedestrian Crossing” post and the little video there??? That was really just a fun spur-of-the-moment thing that was made even more fun and thrilling later on when we found out that there was a actually a video camera streaming for 24 hours or so. We only discovered it when we were reminding ourselves of song titles later that day and happened across the video stream feed. Made for lots of giggles and fun cuddles watching it!!! It’s lighthearted, I don’t take myself seriously.

Not many of my girlfriends I can tell that I have a vibrator, some would find it completely offensive. I used to have a mask on, but I own what I do and I have had fun. If my family and friends found out, that would be on them. What I do has not harmed anyone, it has not changed me as a person.

photo of Modesty Ablaze via modesty


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