Chocolate Covered Backstory for the Capture Cupid Blog Hop & New Sponsor Shag!!!

I am the kind of person who works best under pressure. When I was trying to get inspired to write Chocolate Covered, I did not want to be overly ambitious. I said I was going to Paris at the time, so I would definitely get inspired by my trip.
But even Paris did not give the story a shape or a form. I came back to New York…and nothing was coming to me. Oddly enough while playing Covet Fashion–which is a far advanced version of Fashion Plates with themes–the idea came! The theme I was working on was Sexy Fifties Secretary…I had at least dressed Lotte, my female protagonist in my mind.
It was then I realized that Paris had influenced me. I went to this amazing exhibiton where I could not take photos, but I saw such amazing confections from the Fifties. I love the style from that era, and I was already inspired by Oleander’s Chemical [se]X story as a stand alone. Now it is a fantastic anthology, filled with authors I am honored to be featured with. Chocolate Covered was amazing to write, if you want to sample it as you would a chocolate in a store…you can find an excerpt here.

And now for a grand announcement! If you have been following the blog hop, you know that we are giving away an assortment of prizes which you can find in detail here. But there is one prize that is missing! One of my absolute favorite sex shops, has been so kind to give us another prize for our winner. A gift bag from their store is up for the grabs, we have upped the ante! Game on for sure!


Shag has the best items and events. I was just there for a photography exhibition featuring this gentleman, and for Valentine’s Day they have a blindfolded tasting extravaganza. It makes me all the more sad that I cannot enter contest, but you can! Just leave a comment on my blog, and you are entered to win it all!

Tomorrow the tantalizing Tabitha Rayne is up, so be sure to check her out and have another chance to win!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!! Another new gift was added for the winner of the contest, after I wrote this post. Oleander Plume and Go Deeper Press are giving away her newest release, Redeeming Cupid! Click here for Oleander’s blog post about it!



  1. I love the 50s aesthetic and I’m so glad you thought of using it because – wow! Inspiration comes in the most interesting places. Most of mine comes from music, and physics oddly, but occasionally I’ll see a person or a piece of art and just get slammed with ideas. Sometimes they creep in a bit subconsciously too, like yours seems to have, waiting for the right moment when everything comes together with that last detail. Wonderful work!

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