Wicked Wednesday #112 — Last Tree In The Forest…

Not quite sure how they got there, but the woman grabbed my trunk so I noticed her right away. Her long dark hair covered everything but her broad smile, which even I had difficulty being immune to. The man with her had no chance.
It did not look like he wanted a chance.
I wanted to know what they were saying but they spoke in whispers, her hair covered their mouths so I could not even read their lips.
I am huge–almost kissing the clouds—so visually they were a lot smaller than me. But they were not small, what was going on between them was not small at all. When she swung her hair away from their faces, their kiss was deep. His hand grabbed the hair she flung away, pulling her closer to him. She was lured willingly, and she grabbed my trunk again to lure him to her.
To me.
Maybe she wanted me to be part of it. This had not happened in a long time. When there were more of us, it was a frequent occurrence. Sometimes it was like an orgy out here, especially at night. But now it was just me–and now them. It looked like I was going to be part of it, which excited and intimidated me at the same time.
She pasted her back against my trunk, I am very hard obviously but she did not seem daunted. Pressing herself against me again and again, in her response to him pressing against her. The stimulation was almost too much for me, but I was frozen in place as I had been for all my life.
He kissed her until she turned her mouth, ragged and gasping for breath. He held her face, and kissed her again until he was breathless.
Together they panted, looking at each other with wide smiles. His fingers caressed the curves and the opening of her lips, his finger entering her mouth. She closed her eyes, held his finger fast and pounded her palms against my trunk like a fierce drum.
He removed his finger slowly, and her lips followed it for a bit. They pressed against each other again, with the famine I had seen before when I was not alone here. People used to flock here for trysts, and we were more than obliging. We contained them, their secrets and let them do what they wanted. We were the ultimate voyeurs.
Now I was alone, but this couple found me. They made me alive again with their hungry bodies. With their hungry emotion. It was hard for me to date their relationship, but the man mirrored the kind of longing I had felt for some time now. As if instead of filling her, she was filling him. She looked felicitous in that not so secret way women do when they are completely fulfilled.
Their frenzy could not be hidden, their eyes darted about so that I knew they liked the being out in the open but away from prying eyes. Well except mine, as they pressed against my trunk. I could not see the parts that the others so easily revealed in the past, but the arrangement of their bodies made it clear they were doing it.
The woman began pounding my trunk harder, a litany of exclamations that was not the usual language. I had not heard this language before. I have been in the same place all my life, so I only knew the one language they emitted when they came here in couples or more.
The man’s litany was completely familiar to me, before it became guttural. They reached the height of their pleasure and then stopped.
I stopped too.
They were in a rush. Since they had not even taken off their clothes, her palms left my trunk as she raced him to button up and zip. It was a draw, as he took her hand and kissed it. Then he kissed her mouth. It was not a goodbye kiss I suspected.
For her.
But for me, I would be left alone. The last tree in this vast forest with only memories of the other trees and lovers who had sought us. I watched them until they were dots and then…gone…

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photo by f dot leonora


  1. Oh.. this is so beautiful. There’s so much to comment on and underscore and be touched by in this. I almost didn’t post a comment, because it seemed wrong to impose the clutter of my thoughts on it. It’s perfect. Beautifully done.

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