Get Tied Up: Tied Up Excerpt No. 15 & Contest!!!

Today’s TIE ME UP excerpt is “Love on the Line,” by Vita Perez Don’t forget you can now buy the book on AmazonBarnes and Noble and with our amazing publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books!

Or you can win a FREE print copy! Oleander Plume tweeted AMAZING bondage-themed photos leading up to this release, so you have a choice…you can leave me a comment with a bondage-themed photo, or write a bondage-themed scenario. Make it hot, and the best one wins! I got some images today…*still fanning*

 “Let me take your coat.” She unbuttoned it without turning to him, letting it slip past her shoulders as she turned.  “I see you got the lingerie I sent you.” 

“I did.” 

Taking her coat, he tossed it onto the same chair as her bag. Damon swept her hair back off her shoulders, sending shivers down her spine as he moved around her.  She faced him, and he backed her up against the closet door.  Her heart pounded in her ears, from a mixture of fear and excitement.  Running his fingers over her jaw as his thumb skimmed over her bottom lip, he let out a low hum of pleasure.  Slowly he moved his hand further up into the nape of her neck. She licked her lips, and watched as his eyes became heavy with want.  Fisting her hair lightly, he angled her ear to his lips.  

“Open your mouth wider, and lick your lips again for me.”  She obliged drawing out the movement, reveling in his eyes locked on her mouth.  “Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about those lips?  I wanna see those pretty thick lips…” He tilted his head, eyes locked on her mouth.  “All over me.”  

Her body ignited.  Wet did not even begin to describe what he’d just done to her with just his words.  Her knees felt weak at the mental image of placing her lips over his most delicate parts.  

“Are you ready for me?” he questioned.

“Yes.” She panted as he tightened the grip in her hair.  Kissing her hard, his tongue plunged into her mouth finding her own.  Nina felt on the verge of coming just from that penetration alone.  He broke away from her, leading her to the doorway of the bedroom, leaving her standing there alone.  He quickly returned with red satin ties in his hands.  


graphic design by pretty poison graphics

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