Total Blog Takeover by Tabitha Rayne!!!

Next week I am going to Eroticon, and I am TERRIBLY unhappy I am not going to see Tabitha Rayne! I had worked with her and knew she was a sexy author, but in person? She is beautiful and radiant, the more I get to know her the more evident it becomes. She is a brilliant writer and artist, so I asked her to take over my blog! Without further ado, my friend and guest blogger, Tabitha Rayne!!!

Oooh I love coming to F.Leonora’s place.Did you know she is the founder of Man Ray Monday? Monday is now my favourite day of the week thanks to that, and Masturbation Monday which she always takes part.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few days now and never found the time to make a start so when F Dot invited me over and talk about something surreal – and to appeal to her visual side – I thought, perfect! Now’s my chance.

I’ve been thinking about fractal fucking. 

My favourite plant is bracken. The way it unfurls into never ending versions of itself makes me thrilled and overjoyed at being alive to witness it. It’s a fucking miracle of mathematics, nature and engineering. I am in awe every time I see one. I have lots in my garden. I can’t go by a bracken plant when I’m out walking – I have to take a close look.

I love the way the underside of the fronds are so similar to the tentacles of an octopus or squid. They remind me of the incredible erotic Japanese wood block by Katsushika Hokusai, ‘Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife’.

When I’m writing orgasms I often think of them as a folding in on the self – a journey into your existence where you fracture and fragment into tiny perfect copies of yourself, spiralling into that infinitesimal space where you begin and end. 

Far out.

Fractals are orgasmic to me.

I adore them. To me, they describe precisely what it is like to be in the middle of an orgasm.

So this blog is the foundation bones of a story I am writing about this very thing – the earthy delights of fractal fucking. 


I’ll let you know when I get the story done – perhaps one Monday…

Thank you for having me Lovely Miss F 

X x x


  1. I adore hanging out with you Ms F Dot. I’m devastated I’ll miss you this year at Eroticon 😦
    Thank you for letting me explore fractals on your blog.
    That incredible wood block is called “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” I missed the first 2 words.
    I had fun barefoot in my garden taking photos for this!
    Thanks again – have a wonderful time next weekend x x x 💖

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