Masturbation Monday No. 61

Was it because he had the gun on him, or was it because she had wanted him for such a long time already? Nichy was not sure. Gavin had kissed her, and pulled her against him as soon as they got in his apartment.

Waking up beside him had made her wish that they could have had sex right that morning, but she still felt some guilt because she had given into Graham so easily the night before.

Because she would always give into him easily…

But beside Gavin, the feeling of his skin next to hers and his scent was all-consuming. She grabbed him as he backed her into the wall, and they knocked over a small table that was there. Gavin was unaffected, as he continued kissing her.

Trying her luck, Nichy reached inside his jacket again, hoping that he would just admit that he had the gun and why.

He took her both of her hands in his.


“Just tell me, just tell me…” she breathed, resisting his hold.

Gavin kissed both of her knuckles, as he raised them to his lips.

“I can’t tell you Nichy, I can’t.”
He let her hands drop, and took the gun out. He did not point it at her, so she was not scared. She had never been afraid of guns, even though she had been close to them on so many occasions.

“Then I can’t Gavin, I really can’t.”

Nichy turned away from him, and he kissed the back of her neck.

“Nichy, I need it. Lots of people have guns. It is legal.”

She turned around to look at him.

“Are you serious? You think you are going to pull a gun out on me…”
“I did not pull a gun out on you.”
“Pull out a gun, and I am going to fuck you?”

“I thought that you did want to fuck me.”

She did, but she was not going to let him get off that easily. In the cab, and coming into the building, she had been scared to death of him.

“I am going home,” she said finally, turning around. Nichy knew he was not going to shoot her, but she also knew that she had enough men in her life with shady backgrounds that she was not going to let it happen to her again if she could help it.

She left the apartment. When she got off of the elevator, the doorman still smiled at her. Not in a knowing way at all, as he hailed a cab for her. Nichy sank into its plush seat. Her body literally hummed with sexual frustration.

She turned her phone off, even though she saw she had a missed message from Gavin. When she walked in, she could feel Graham.

Nichy never needed to see Graham to know what he was there.


She was quiet as she took off her coat. When he called her by his nickname for her, he got to her. But she was not in the mood for him to break her down. Even though she knew he would, because he always did. But she did not have to be so easy.


She took a deep breath and looked at him. In less than one hour, she was pressed against a wall by another man.

“You’re back,” she said quietly.

He kissed her, he knew when that was all he had to do. Her body hummed with tension, as Graham pressed her to him.

“I was waiting for you,” he said.

Nichy wondered if she had been waiting for him too why it was so easy to leave Gavin—gun or no gun—as she pressed her body to Graham’s…

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