Masturbation Monday No. 62

“Theodora was amazing, but you were still our first choice Nichy…but I am respectful of your feelings…”

Renee cornered Nichy in the morning by the water cooler, and for a moment, Nichy wished she had gone home with Renee, Theodora and Tyler. She tilted her cup of coffee in her hand unconsciously in response, to the way that she leaned toward Renee.

Nichy had come into work late that morning. She had woken up with a desire so heavy that she reached down between her legs, before her eyes were open. She was not surprised that she was already wet, because she had dreamt that she was about to masturbate. In her dream, she was on her knees crawling to a mirror so she could watch herself frig her herself hard and play with her breasts.

But she woke up, and the only variation in her plan therafter was there was not a mirror as she frigged herself hard. Her clitoris felt like a tight rosebud, but it got wet quickly and she arched off of the bed as she came. The corner of the sheet was adhesived between her legs, with her own come.

If she had left with Renee and Tyler, at least she would have gotten fucked and not have had the hits and misses she had the night before with Gavin and Graham.

While her mind wandered with the thoughts of what could have been, she was surrounded by the sweet, heady fragrance that Renee wore. Over Renee’s shoulder, she saw Gavin.

He walked over to them.

“Coffee,” he said as if asked, and looked at Nichy. “Renee, Nichy…”

Renee smiled at Nichy, and walked away. Nichy wanted to tell her that she did not have to go, but Renee had already walked far away from them.

“I really wish you had stayed last night Nichy…” Gavin began.

“I really wish you would have told me why…you know…”
Nichy folded her arms across her chest, and stared at Gavin defiantly.

Aside from the fact that he had been carrying a gun and would not tell her why, she resented that he acted like that was a normal thing to do.

Gavin ran his hand over his head.

“I told you Nichy, It was just something I felt like I needed. I needed you last night too.”

Nichy hated that she felt that sweet tightness all along her clit when he said that.

“You know what Gavin?” she started and looked at him. “You do not have to tell me. Don’t tell me a thing!”
Nichy was wound up when she walked away from Gavin in more ways than one. She went to the bathroom just before lunch to ease her heavy desire. One hand on the window sill, she looked at the graffiti heart outside of the window. The heart blurred the closer she came to coming. She closed her eyes when the pleasure became too much to bear, her hips undulated beneath her fingers.

For now this was the safest way for her to express desire. Graham had gotten mad at her when even after he kissed her she still asked him a ton of questions. Being alone made her much more aware of what she wanted, and what she did not want. Graham cold not overpower her with his usual tactics anymore and left. Gavin withholding was a deal breaker, and Graham could never love her the way she needed to be loved. The heart was still blurry outside of the window, after she came. Nichy was happy at least some of her tension was relived.

For the moment.

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blurry graffii heart photo by f dot leonora


      1. She’s a sure thing for him, and he’s ruining it. I hope his reasons are good ones!

        Do you see what you’ve done to me? I’m completely invested in this story. Good job!

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