Masturbation Monday No. 63–Featuring Kink of the Week, Nov 1-15: Nipple Play & Sexy Searching #8 To Boot!!!

Nichy left work early. She did not feel like being with anyone, she was frustrated enough and did not want to feel forced to engage anyone. She paused at the bar that she usually went to after work, but knew that she might see Renee at least. But she did want a drink. So she […]

Doubling Your Pleasure With Where I Found My Heart by C. E. Hansen!!!

Sooooo happy to have my friend, fellow Chemical Sex author (and chocolate lover!) C. E. Hansen on my blog today!!! She is a fantastic writer with an amazing new book, Where I Found My Heart. And she is generous too! She gave me not one, not two, but THREE excerpts from the book to share with […]