Masturbation Monday No. 56

Nichy closed her eyes when she saw Tyler outside of the bar. She was pretty sure that her face was contorted with desire, and Tyler stared at her.
“Renee is in there, and I am not sure what is going on with the two of you,” Nichy started, turning to Gavin. “It might not be a good idea.”
Tyler stared at her for a long moment, then looked at Gavin who had his arm about her waist protectively.
“I am not going to run from Renee, I did not do anything wrong to her.”
“Tyler, Nichy is right,” Gavin said, looking at Nichy. “Renee is in a bad way, you might want to rethink that.”
“Thanks for the warning, but it is a free country and I am going to have a drink.”
Tyler walked past them, into the bar.
Nichy looked at Gavin. Gavin’s eyes were dark, filled with emotions that scared her and made her even wetter. She squeezed his hand.
“We have to go back in there. It is going to be a mess if we leave them alone.”
“It is not really our business Nichy, we have our own business to attend to and I cannot wait a minute longer…for you…”

Nichy looked down at his shoes, and felt herself clench with desire.
“I just want to prevent having to hear about it for a really long time Gavin. If I don’t, she is going to need to tell me. Which means coming to my place…or something.”
“So we will go to my place…”
Gavin caressed her backside with urgency, and she was just about to turn with him…when Renee ran out of the bar, holding one of her stilettos in her hand. But before her barefoot touched the sidewalk, Tyler grabbed her arm.
“Nichy!” she yelled, pulling away from Tyler. “Nichy, can I go with you and Gavin?”
Nichy turned to look at Gavin.

With her face buried in Gavin’s sleeve, Nichy tried to avoid Renee and Tyler making out on her couch. She and Gavin sat across from them, her hands in fists between her legs.
Nichy kissed the cotton of his sleeve, and her own breath warmed her lips. Gavin flinched like her mouth was fire.
“So I guess you two have made up?” Gavin said, with undisguised sarcasm.
Nichy liked this more aggressive side of Gavin, as Renee and Tyler looked at him. Tyler put Renee’s hand, between his thighs.
“I told you not to worry about us.” Tyler said, as Renee licked her lips and stared at them before she licked his cheek.
They kissed again as if Nichy and Gavin were not there, before Tyler stood up and Renee got up with him. He kissed her hand, before he smiled at Nichy and Gavin.
“I guess we should go,” he said.
Nichy stood up, and followed them to the door. Her heart sunk, as Gavin walked ahead of them.
“See you,” Gavin whispered in her ear, chewing on it just a bit. “And don’t you dare touch yourself before I do.”
Nichy looked at him mournfully, and nodded.
“Have a good night Nichy,” Tyler smiled knowingly at her.
Nichy closed her door knowing that Renee and Tyler were probably going to fuck in the backseat of a taxi.
And she promised Gavin that she would not touch herself.
When she closed the door, she pressed herself to it and a knock on the door vibrated through her as if someone had directly touched her clit.
She turned, and looked through the peephole.
When she opened the door, he closed it behind her and pressed her up against it.
She felt his hard length pressed against her and looked up at him, caressing the stubble on his cheek. Quickly, she unbuttoned his shirt and pressed her palms against his nipples. Her hands rested on his stomach, before she unbuckled his belt. The click of his belt, echoed in her ear as she unfastened his dress pants.
It was not the echo of his belt though, she soon realized as she felt a familiar coolness press at the small of her back.
She stopped breathing.
The last time she felt that chill, she was having sex with someone and she was terrified. But she never thought that she would have the same experience more than once.
“You did not call me back baby, and you know that I do not like to be ignored…” Nichy froze at the familiar intruder’s voice.
Nichy normally checked inside of her apartment, when she did not walk in with so many people. And with Gavin being there, and with the heaviness of desire she felt, she had not thought…
Nichy was frozen as she was pushed back to the wall. Gavin was hit with the butt of the gun that had been on her back. His blood was frozen in her thoughts as he fell to he floor, and she dropped onto her knees over him. Blood was on her fingers, and she absently brought them to her face before she blacked out…

Nichy woke up in a body harness, she could see her bound reflection in the mirror. Her chest was heavy with the gun that was bound there. She was completely naked, and Graham stared at her. When he called her the other night, she had hoped that he was not going to be able to find her.
How could she have been so naive to think that he was not going to find her? She had been running from him for such a long time, but she knew he was going to find her eventually…
“Now I have got you my pretty,” he said, caressing the gun against her chest.

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cropped version of TIE ME UP cover via f dot leonora


  1. OMG – what a twist – was not expecting that – wow – don’t think I’ve read so fast in ages!!!
    BMN x

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