Masturbation Monday No. 66 — Blue

Nichy still could not get Maggie out of her mind from the night before. Gavin had casually mentioned Maggie without mentioning she was the former ballerina, Maggie Jane Heart. Nichy had to look up at her when she met her, Maggie reminded her of her favorite principal dancer at the New York City Ballet. Except Maggie was taller than that dancer, so was about an inch shorter than Gavin. Maggie looked embarrassed that Nichy was there, but Nichy was the one who felt intimidated when the other woman walked into the apartment briefly.

Gavin had closed the door behind her when she left, and wrapped his arms about Nichy. But anything that Nichy could have felt in terms of arousal was shot. The murder in the building had not made her so anxious, but Maggie did.

Nichy took a cab home, and texted Gavin that she was okay. In the morning when she got to work, he was already there.

“Do you want to have coffee?” he questioned her, before she had even put her bag down.

“Okay,” she said, and put her things away quickly.

They went down the stairs together.

“You could have told me that your ex was famous.” Nichy began beside him.

“Maggie has not danced for a few years, she does not talk about that side of her life even.”

“Well I saw her dance before live, and she was amazing. I could barely speak to her when I saw her…”

“Why would you be tongue-tied around Maggie, when you and I…” Gavin pressed her against the wall in the stairwell, stopping. “You gave me a hell of a case of blue balls last night. I wanted you Nichy, and you left me…”

Nichy looked up at him breathlessly, and he kissed her before she could say a word. He pressed himself against her, kissed her neck and held her hand. Nichy squeezed his hand in hers and gasped as he sucked on her neck, and slipped her hand inside his pants. She caressed his stomach, as he unbuckled his belt. Nichy grabbed the buckle that hit the back of her hand, before he took her hand in his again and brought her to grip him. She had never heard such an arousing sound as the moan that came from deep within his chest which she could feel because they were that close.

If they decided to have sex right there in the stairwell, she would not have cared because she was sure some part of her lower anatomy was as blue as his balls.

The rumble of someone running above was like thunder. Gavin slipped himself back into his pants, and buckled his belt again. Nichy stayed against the wall even as he started down the stairs—blue between her legs, and blue in her head…

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international klein blue via wikipedia



  1. The anticipation! Every time Ms F Dot – she gripped him!
    This is the first thing I read when I woke up this morning – every week you keep us on tenterhooks x x x

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