Wicked Wednesday #108 — Flight Attendant

Severine looked stern as she walked through the terminal. She had not put up her hair, so it tumbled wildly long like a demi-cape behind her. Her impossibly high stilettos were more than possible for the long-limbed former dancer, model and current flight attendant.
When she saw him, her stern expression softened. She put her bag down, and stood in front of him.
“Your hair looks wild,” he remarked.
Obediently, she reached to sweep it up. He stopped her hands over her head, pulling her to him with her hands in his.
“I like it like that.”
There was a suggestion of a smile on Rafe’s lips, as he watched Severine search for cues from him. He thought of her long hair spilled across his bed, the way it tangled about her and the things that he had done to her.
Severine was not like Eliza. It was nice with Severine because he could tell her what was going on, and he knew that she would be fine with it. He could tell her he would not see her anymore, and she would not get emotional.
He let her hands go. Touching her made him want her: the softness of her flawless English with a French accent, and the filthy things that she said to him in French.
He put his hand at the small of her back, and led her to an intimate corner of the airport bar. He knew she was already wet and ready for him, and he was quite ready for her but he was not going to scratch that itch.
The slap she delivered him when he told her about Eliza made him raise his hand to strike her, simply because he was so startled. But he caught himself.
“I only see you occasionally when we are able to meet up, you are always flying…how could that be serious?”
“I thought that we were not together because of my job. I always wanted more Rafe, I always wanted to be with you…”
He had not meant to hurt her, but her dark eyes were moist even though he knew that she was not going to cry in front of him.
She looked down at her drink and took a sip. He loved having afternoon cocktails with her. Her kisses when she greeted him were usually of champagne she had had in the first class section of the plane, but she liked prosecco mixed with amaretto with him.
“So why are you still sitting here?” Her eyes retreated as she took another sip. He ran his hands through her hair, knocking over her amaretto and prosecco.
Severine gasped as the drink spilled on her lap. Rafe kissed her, and ran his hand up her leg to the dampest spot of her lap so she gasped even more.
Afraid he was going to fuck her at the table, he signaled for the check with his free hand.
Tangled hair about her body, Rafe looked at Severine in her airport hotel room moments later.
“A goodbye fuck?” she questioned rolling onto her side. “Adieu,” she whispered leaning to kiss him. He tugged a section of her hair, kissed her and pulled her to him. Using her hair, he climbed on top of her with his fingers between her legs.
“You are always wet aren’t you?” he breathed, then licked along her ear. “Aren’t you?”
With little preamble he entered her. Inside her, he remembered saying to Eliza if she was having sex with someone she was in love.
Inside of Severine was a feeling he could not describe…Sex with her was extremely good, when he was with her she was perfect. Just perfect.
She clung to him after, he breathed out strands of her hair. He had underestimated her feelings for him,
and apparently his own lying in the Venus Flytrap of her hair, soft skin and French perfume. Severine emitted a sweet French song of words that was not the usual filth she titillated him with, but something else.
Something else that did not need a translation…

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  1. “He had underestimated her feelings for him,
    and apparently his own lying in the Venus Flytrap of her hair, soft skin and French perfume.”

    This story just keeps getting better and better. I think this might be my favorite episode yet. 🙂

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