Wicked Wednesday #136 — Office Affairs

Oscar was on his back, Polly semi-covered him. Her long hair tumbled over his chest, and her softness went through him. He wanted her so much, he felt like he had already had her. Faster than lightning, he was over her, her arms up over her head and her eyes shining up at him in the dim light like twin moons. Oscar felt the position was almost like the iconic one from the movie Blow-Up, with the Sixties iconic model Veruschka. Except he was not holding a camera. His hands moved along her modest breasts, they were small but enough to fill his palms. He rubbed them, the feeling of her hard nipples exquisite to him.
He wanted her, and with her eyes closed under his touch, it was clear that Polly wanted him too.
They had slept together the night before, and did not make love. But he damn sure knew that when he kissed her, she knew he meant it. He pulled her close and deeply in a kiss, until they pulled away from each other breathless and panting. Her lips were swollen after, and he could not resist licking them and touching them with his fingers while he was beside her. They slept fully clothed because they were both heavy with desire, and afraid to move. Each other’s movement was too arousing. But he watched her when he woke up, their bodies crossed with each other.
He remembered Eliza for a brief moment, and he fell beside Polly. Fell beside Polly, to savor her softness and newness. If they made love he thought, circling her tight nipple with his finger aimlessly, it would become an office affair.
People knew, people would know that they were together because he would not be able to hide it. He would need to touch her every time he saw her. He would need to mark her, and let all the other men there know that she was his. Men at the job used to tease him, how did he manage to get only Polly’s ire? They informed him what they would like to do to Polly…he knew from the moment he saw her how beautiful she was, but she resisted him. He realized now that he had harbored a crush on her all this time, but suppressed it because she did not seem interested in him.
But now beside her, or on top of her like a scene from Blow-Up, just being in the same room with her… Breathing her air, experiencing the world beside her…Oscar was beyond drunk with desire, he turned and kissed her neck. He knew she liked that, and he loved the way that she offered her neck to him. Like he was a vampire but instead of drawing blood, he gnawed on her desire, until he needed the quench of his desire and kissed her mouth. He loved the taste and feel of her. The moistness of her lips on his lips, on his fingers.
The entire office would know if they did, the moment they were together.
He closed his eyes tighter, and just savored this kiss.
This kiss.

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blow-up via wikipedia commons


  1. How do you do this beautiful thing you do, week after week, each chapter sweeter and sexier than the last???


    And, I love these two together. I love the way Oscar loves her.


  2. I can feel the love and anticipation building between them while they dance around each other, wanting each other but not yet going there. Beautifully written!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh my god. That was just *perfect* – the tension, the heady, physical weight of their need, the way you wove it together so that it felt as if I were there. Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.

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