Masturbation Monday No. 67 & Kink of the Week Dec. 1-15: Brutalism/Concrete

The thundering that separated her and Gavin, came down the stairs past Nichy and she could not even move. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Gavin come back up the stairs. “You okay?” he asked, cupping her chin with his hand. Nichy stared at him, gulped and nodded. They kissed, picking right […]

Masturbation Monday No. 63–Featuring Kink of the Week, Nov 1-15: Nipple Play & Sexy Searching #8 To Boot!!!

Nichy left work early. She did not feel like being with anyone, she was frustrated enough and did not want to feel forced to engage anyone. She paused at the bar that she usually went to after work, but knew that she might see Renee at least. But she did want a drink. So she […]

Wicked Wednesday #163 – Hormones & Kink of the Week, July 1-16: Leashes/Leads

“It is all hormones with you and Rafe,” her mother had said to her, when she started seeing him. “That young man has something carnal about him, even I am not immune. Everything seems so pristine, his background, his family. But he is like a wildcat. Something that cannot be domesticated.” Eliza remembered how frank […]