Masturbation Monday No. 57

Graham moved the gun from within her harness slowly, licking his lips. A smile curled the corner of his mouth like a piece of burning paper curls up on the edge. Nichy barely breathed, as she looked him straight in the eye. She was not going to show a bit of fear with him because he would like it, but he would not believe it.
He knew her.
He dragged the cold steel between her breasts, along her ribs, around her navel and between her legs. He paused there, looking into her eyes harder.
“You are fucking wet, fucking wet Nusch…” he whispered quietly to himself as if she was not there, as if he could not believe it.
Nichy wanted to close her eyes, but she could not. As much as she had run from Graham, having him there now was too much to deal with. 
She remembered when she first met him. He was the ultimate bad boy, not a pretend one like the ones that she had dated in high school and college, with slicked back hair or wearing leather. He literally was involved in things that she did not know about. He looked at her, and she was done. All she could think about was relieving the itch that she felt. She wanted to caress her clit when she saw him, she was that uncomfortable with desire.
He looked at her with the same intense gaze that he looked at her with now, while caressing her clit with his gun.
His look had been intense when they met as well, they were drawn to each other like she had never been drawn to anyone. She did not hear the music or conversation in the room, she literally floated to him. He was a gentleman, even though she knew he was a rogue deep inside of her. He pulled out her chair, and kissed her hand—acted like he was afraid to touch her.
They did not make love right away, he made her feel like she was going to go crazy before he would even kiss her. Then he did kiss her, his hands on her hips and his lips hungry. Nichy, well she was Nusch then, felt every bit of his desire in his soft kiss. Graham had never had to demand anything from her, she gave him everything that she could. He kneaded her body like dough in the beginning, without any concern to her clit which jerked with need for him. She was so wet, that she felt it coat her anus.
Her anus was wet now as she rode the shaft of the gun. Graham pulled it from her, with Nichy was dizzy with desire. She saw the shaft of the gun was wet with her come, and looked at Graham with a mixture of hatred and desire.
He held the gun at her belly button, she heard it click before he put it down and looked at her. She was still as he loosened the rope about her. Nichy loved how she looked in the harness, loved that he had done it to her again.
All this time, she had been running from him, but after he untied her she swooned. Not from the tingling of her arms from having been up over her head either. She ran from Graham because she knew that she was never going to be able to stay away from him, and he was no good for her. There was nothing good that came from being with him. Her hips still moved as if she were riding the gun.
Graham slapped her breasts, and pinched her nipple so hard she cried out.
“You think I am going to give you what you want so easily? You slut, what were you about to do with that guy?”

“Gavin!” she shrieked.
“Gavin,” he copied her shriek. “My driver will drive him around until he comes to. But you were going to fuck him, weren’t you?”
 Graham stepped back from her, caressing the bulge in his pants. Nichy felt soothed because at least he was hard for her, and maybe he would give her what she wanted.
What she always wanted.
“You like that don’t you, Nusch?” he asked her.
Nichy realized that she was drooling, and she wiped the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand. She wanted Graham so bad, she was not sure what she was going to do…
…if he did not give her what she wanted.
He undid his belt, and unzipped his pants. Nichy licked her dry lips as he offered himself to her, without stepping closer.
“Crawl,” he drawled, and she did. Eyeing his shiny shoes, she heard his belt as he slipped it off but was not prepared for the sting on her back. Nichy arched, and he filled her mouth with every inch of him.
She wanted to be force fed. She wanted it so bad, she drooled and her eyes filled with tears as he shoved it into her mouth. “Sit back on your heels.”
Nichy did as Graham told her.
He left her there.
With her desire, she had forgotten how vindictive he was. He would punish her for running away for this long…

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filtered cropped image of TIE ME UP by f dot leonora


  1. Gawd, I swear, you’re trying to kill me. But if I have to go, I want to go out with these scene playing in my head. Her desire, her helplessness, his sexuality, his cruelty. Holy fucking hell.

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