Masturbation Monday No. 58: Lust Hangover

Graham had made his point, that he could waltz in and out of her life and that she would be there for him. But when Nichy woke up the next morning, Gavin was in her bed beside her. Graham brought him back, and she was not sure what she was going to say to him when he woke up.
What would Gavin remember the prior night? Nicky could still taste Graham on her tongue, she reached down to touch herself as the memory of giving him head made her need to touch herself.
But she refrained.
When she turned in the bed, she saw that there was a bottle of red wine and glasses. One had her lipstick imprint—that she did not remember drinking from. Nichy felt like she was being set up for a crime that she did not commit, with evidence of an imagined rendezvous rampant about her.
Except she knew that Graham was a master at this, creating a situation that had never existed…exist. When she turned on her side, Gavin shifted. He was beautiful, she thought as he rubbed his eyes. Having him in her bed was surely not the worst thing that could happen to her.
She had wanted him in her bed for such a long time, and now he was in it. But she knew that they had not done anything, and she was not sure what he was going to remember about what had happened.
He rubbed his head, and she kissed his hand and his temple. When he looked at her, she was not sure that he knew who she was.
“Nichy?” he questioned groggily. “Nichy?”
“Yes.” She smiled, and placed her hand on his chest because she wanted to. The feeling of his chest hair, sobered her more than she already was.
“I don’t…”
Nichy was uncomfortable watching his confusion spread over his features.
“What?” she asked, bringing his hand to her lips and kissing it again.
He smiled, when her lips touched his skin.
“I don’t remember what happened last night. Did we?”
She wanted to lie, but if she did lie, it would be taking their relationship to a new level that she was not ready for. And honestly, she especially did not want to lie about doing something with him that she had wanted to do for such a long time.
“No, we almost,” she answered, remembering that was not a lie. “but we both had too much to drink. So we just got into the bed.”
“Well we were going to,” she said, looking in his eyes.
He pulled her close to him, and this was why she was happy that she had not told him that they had slept together. With her breasts crushed to his chest, she felt divided. First she swooned, being this close, both of them naked and feeling him ready for more. But she also felt like Mata Hari—doing whatever she needed to do to keep her secret. How could she kiss Gavin—when she could still taste Graham’s come in her mouth? Would Gavin know if he kissed her? Would he know the taste of come on her tongue? Briefly she was distracted, and wondered if Gavin had ever been with a man…
It did not matter.
“I’ll be right back,” she said to him, when she stopped on the floor it was squishy beneath her toes. She looked down, and saw the puddle of red wine that was beside her bed and shivered.
Graham had spilled a great deal of wine on the floor, after he had rubbed her to orgasm with its bottle. She was so turned on last night, he probably could have pushed the bottle into her.
But he didn’t.
As she padded barefoot through her apartment, there were so many things that reminded her of Graham from the night before. She pressed herself to the wall in the hallway for a moment, a headache coming to her as if she really had had a hangover…and she did, have a lust hangover…

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glass of red wine via wikipedia


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