Masturbation Monday No. 59

Nichy stared behind Tyler’s head. She had avoided him and Renee all day, with their knowing looks at work and now in their corner of the bar. She came in that morning with Gavin, and Renee smirked at her. They went to the bar afterward because they all wandered out of the office at the same time. Gavin was on her heels, and Nichy remembered the loveliness that was waking up with him that morning even though they had not come anywhere near making love.
The memory of Graham scalded her when she remembered him, and what they had done together the night before. Gavin’s hand on her back felt like fire until she remembered where they were. Now sitting close to him their thighs touching, Tyler and Renee looking expectantly at them yet her mind was somewhere else.
She studied a woman who sat at the bar, and looked like a librarian with her tortoiseshell frames. The edge of those frames were between her lips, when she was not sipping her red wine. Nichy wondered if the woman was waiting for someone, or if she was waiting for someone to come to her…
Gavin’s hand squeezed her thigh, high up enough that it felt like his finger flicked her labia. The more he kneaded, the more aroused she felt. Renee’s hand was on her other thigh. Nichy stared at Tyler, but he became out of focus as she closed her eyes and at the sensation of the two of them touching her. She was afraid to move, until she realized that both of their hands might touch high on her thighs.
“Excuse me,” she said suddenly, getting up from her seat.
She had only had a few glasses of wine, but they had gone to her head more than they usually would have and she wobbled a bit. She actually bumped into the woman with the tortoiseshell eyeglasses.
“Excuse me,” she breathed in a softer voice, than she had to her friends.
“No problem honey,” Tortoiseshell Glasses said to her.
Nichy walked into the bathroom, and looked at her face. She looked worn out, thoroughly used. Graham had been hard on her, but he had not left any marks on her. He usually did like to mark her, but even he realized that she would not be able to explain that to Gavin.
If she had not gotten out of bed, if she had just stayed in the bed maybe she and Gavin would have…
The bathroom door opened on her as a smack on her backside, like a playful spank.
In the mirror, she could see Renee.
“He is so lucky Gavin,” Renee said. “You are such a bombshell.”
“Please,” Nichy answered, wincing at her friend’s reflection.
“You know, Tyler likes you…
Nichy did not have anything to fiddle with, so she fiddled with her hair nervously. Renee fiddled with the same strand, and their fingers mingled in her hair. Nichy stared at Renee, whose breath she could feel warm against face.
“He likes you, and he knows that I like you…he was hoping that things did not work out with you and Gavin. He was hoping, I was hoping…”
Nichy turned around, and Renee swept her hair to the side and kissed her neck.
Renee caressed Nichy’s side breast, and touched what she had only hinted at under the table then.
Nichy closed her eyes.
When she opened them, Renee was gone.
As if in a dream, she walked out of the bathroom looking cautiously for Renee. Renee was talking to Tortoiseshell Glasses with Tyler.
Nichy rubbed her eyes. Had she imagined in the bathroom with Renee? She sat down next to Gavin.
“Do you want to wake up together tomorrow morning?” he whispered in her ear, his lips on her cheek and neck, were layered with the memory of the feeling of Renee’s there.
She nodded, looking down into her glass of wine and putting her hand over Gavin’s on her thigh.

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bar photo by f dot leonora


  1. I’m really feeling Nichy’s confusion at the moment. It’s like her sensuality is a bit out of control and almost everything in her life is becoming sexualised. Not a bad way to live 😉 Loved it! Thank you, Sweetie xx

  2. I don’t know if that scene between them was real either, but I’ve been wondering if Renee would put the moves on Nichy. It seemed like something she’d do. 🙂

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